Tuesday, 1 April 2008


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i have a niggling feeling that i got one of my first mood swings today. i got annoyed at the dinner when Mr Inconsiderate made a remark about my new laptop. It's the second time he went on about it in front of friends despite his reassurance that he's got no problem at all in me having converted our spare room in the last 12 months into an art studio and, basically, being a budding "artist" and the mac is the way forward...

anyway, tonight, i heard "can you believe it, she's just got a mac..." - my muscled stiffened, my hair stood on ends but i kept calm..."$ 4000 can you believe it" - i said quietly, generously peacefully "darling, enough".....he winked back with a mischievous smile... "and - if you saw all of her equipment, you wouldn't believe it either". by that point, i had an imaginary voodoo doll with pins in his manhood and i was twisting a large pine cone up him backside. i was raging...

an hour later... tears at home. slamming of the doors (the handle fell of), calming me down, me getting lauder, saying sorry, me saying never, him saying he loves my new mac, me calling him a liar, a cheat and a criminal. what father would put his baby at risk over a new mac! (pregnant women are not supposed to get stressed).

the wave of anger was unbelievable. it all finished about 15 minutes ago. since then i am actually quite a happy soul.
so this is what you call "pregnancy mood swings". blimey, many thanks!

i actually love being pregnant so far. i love googling anything and everything and will always have fun browsing here and there so i now have a brand new subject i google for! it's like a new lease of google-life: "pregnancy boobs - will they stay after", "ibiza and pregnancy", "night clubs and 1st trimester", "a bit of champagne and baby's health" etc.

oh joy!


Esther said...

Great post! Very funny. Gotta love those mood swings. Mine have seemed to calm down a bit now that I'm near the end of my first trimester. Or maybe I'm just trying to be nicer : )

wowbaby said...

oh! thnx for the comment! it's my first one. I think i may shed a tear (seriously). crying's like a part of blinking for me these days....all those hormones! good luck with your pregfullness :-)

spain dad said...

I love my mac :)

(I'll love my new one even more. April's bringing a new Macbook Pro for me from the States.)