Monday, 31 March 2008


*** the real pregnancy blog you want to read ***

ok. so i might be pregnant (i mean, i am), my boobs are ballooning at the speed of light, i look at my food like a wild predator (don't come anywhere near!) and i have weird dirty dreams but i am still a normal human who's breathing is closely related to those marc jacobs dress. just look at them! my heart stops!

i only got to ease my mood swings!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

WOW! Baby!


i am pregnant. p.r.e.g.n.a.n.t. weird weird word. i am much more used to i am on "ho-li-day". or i am "ready" to go out. looking at the letters, i don't seem to be able to even make another word out of them apart from GANT. not that i shop there...

anyway, since i have no threat of a teenage pregnancy (am not a teen, nor in my twenties), no threat from parents over a wrong liaisons (they themselves ended up divorcing and have been soul searching since), have a steady income and one Mr Forever on my side - well, i decided to have loads of sex around the "time"...

i was convinced that god would take matters in his hands. seeing my strong provocative actions, he'd simply make me 10 years younger or freeze time, and kindly, like Father Xmas turn up in a big Coca Cola van and say "baby, here you are! you're 20 again. no need to make babies yet! a simple prayer to me would have been enough! now, don't be silly. get your legs off that wall and go and have a cyder".

i swear i think this is almost what happened. although it could've been a dream. after a passionate magic baby making stuff transfer from Mr Forever to me, i just fell asleep...

blimey, i am pregnant.
do you know what!
there is not a single word that rhymes with "pregnant"!
not from that simple rhyming website i found on google anyway...

anyway, better to go sleep.
had a busy day buying another Marc Jacobs dress. this spring's collection's so tailored! so beautiful! If they offered me a 50% discount off all the dresses for twins, i'd ask if i can have 75% and i'd have triplets! of course, i am convinced that since i am 6 weeks pregnant and nothing's showing, i am going to look like Angelina Jolie or Natalia Vodianova who wore a miniskirt 3 x days after giving birth! so i will NEED those dresses to combat baby blues! oh god, i will be so HAPPY when the hormones come rushing back!

night night!
be naughty